Road Accident Claims

Making road accident claims allows those who are injured a means to secure financial compensation when they are not at fault. Getting advice from a local personal injury solicitor will help you successfully make a claim following an accident. provides personalised assistance when making a claim and the claims process is professionally handled by our expert solicitors. Making road accident claims really couldn’t be easier when you deal directly with a local professional and you’ll never have to go via a middleman to get the help you need.

Our specialists offer support making road accident claims for the following situations:

  • Car Accident Claims – if you need to make a personal injury claim following a car accident our experts can assist with a claim whether you were a passenger or a driver
  • Motorbike Accident Claims – we’ll help you to make a motorbike accident claim if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident
  • Bicycle Accident Claims – speaking with  our personal injury solicitors will allow you to determine what steps to take to claim for compensation after a cycling accident
  • Pedestrian Accident Claims – if you were struck by a car while crossing a road or beside the road, a pedestrian accident claim is a way to get financial recompense for the injuries you’ve suffered
  • Taxi Accident Claims – as a passenger in a taxi, you’re also entitled to make a claim for a personal injuries, simply contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your situation
  • Road Accidents Abroad – we can even help you if you’ve been involved in a road accident whilst on holiday or working abroad

If you’ve suffered a common road accident injury such as whiplash, or any other injury as a result of an accident, then you’ll value the opportunity to speak directly with a local solicitor and find out exactly where you stand.

Start your road accident claim today!

Don’t go through a middle man and hope you’re getting the right advice. When you contact a local solicitor via, you can get accurate information about what your rights are and whether or not you’re entitled to make a claim. Your consultation will be free of charge and offers an opportunity to receive free legal advice. Should you decide to go ahead with making road accident claims, you’ll have peace of mind with our ‘No Win, No Fee’ promise – plus you’ll be assured of receiving 100% of any compensation awarded.

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Common Road Accident Claims

Trouble ahead

Car Accident Claims

If you have been injured in a car accident which was not your fault, our solicitors can help you make a no win no fee car accident compensation claim.


Motorbike Accident Claims

If you have been involved in a motorbike accident which was not your fault, you could be entitled to make a motorbike accident compensation claim.


Bicycle Accident Claims

Had a bicycle accident due to somebody else’s negligence? Our injury solicitors can help you claim compensation for your injuries on a no win no fee basis.